William Agosto: Cartoonist And More. Graphic Designer For Print And The Web.

Agosto Graphics represents the multifaceted works of cartoonist and illustrator, William Agosto

News And Projects

Another site I designed is now online. Take a look and maybe contribute to it's content. It's the website for Debbie's Nail Loft. Have a look.

The new site for my animation work is up and running. Check it out at www.agostoanimation.com and don't hesitate to contact me with your feedback. I look forward to hearing from you.

Another round at the University of Rhode Island. I'm taking an advanced course in website design. Picking up where I left off in 2011. Looking forward to learning and bolstering my abilities with HTML5 and CSS3.

Starting to play around with Animate Pro. I'm starting to work on a bunch of animation ideas. Take a look at my YouTube channel to see more.

New work on the way. An online store for original beaded jewelry. An assortment of vector drawings. More work for Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine. And more personal projects and ideas currently gestating inside my cranium.

The April 2011 issue of the UA Journal has an article about my cartooning.

On June 14, 2011 I received my Certificate from the University of Rhode Island for the course I took in Multimedia, Print Media and Web Design. (Adobe CS5)

Working on a number of different websites. I have ideas and plans to work on a plethora of various projects.

The Engine-New-Ity site is done. Take a look and be sure to check out the 404 page for it.

You can always check out my Words section for more of my thoughts on news and projects. And maybe an unsolicited opinion or two.

Agosto Graphics: Seriously fun designs!

Abacus saying to calculator; I might be old school, but you can still count on me.That's me. Seriously fun. Fun or serious. Just don't call me an oxymoron!

I enjoy producing quality work. And I also like injecting my cartoonist sensabilities into some of my designs. The internet is a perfect format for that.

I've been drawing funny pictures for a long time. Cartooning is one of my strong suits. But not content with just cartooning, I've dabbled in all of it. Painting, pen and ink. Even mechanical drawing. You name it, I've tried it. I started out "old school" but when the world of art and design went digital, I would soon follow. "Well not literally. I'm still flesh and blood."

Today, I'm still dabbling in all of it. Page layout, web design, cartooning, animation and whatever else begs for my stamp to go on it.

Publishing on the World Wide Web and seeing my work also published in print. Rhode Island Monthly, The UA Journal and more. Giving my cartoon creations space in their pages.

I still enjoy doing it "old school". Actually using a pencil and rendering work sans computer mouse. But I also maintain a foothold in the digital world. I enjoy what I do. And I strive to always get better at it. I bring a sense of fun to my work while maintaining a strong work ethic that allows me to produce well crafted products.

Have a look see at my site. Peruse the gallery. And if you like what you see, contact me and share your thoughts. Who knows? Maybe we can collaborate on one of your projects.