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Thoughts on my work

The images in this gallery represents work done in acrylic paint, marker, pencil, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, or whatever was handy at the time when I was rendering them. Take a look but don't swipe anything. It's all copyrighted.

I actually register my work with the copyright office in Washington D.C. "Why bother?" You may ask. "Isn't your work copyrighted when you give it the © symbol?" Technically, yes. But I like making it easier for any lawyer I may need to hire. Besides, it's relatively inexpensive to register your work.

Here are a couple of links about copyright laws that you may find interesting reading:

Copyright Basics: What is copyright?

Are you a copyright criminal?

10 Big Myths about copyright explained

Legal Lesson Learned: Copywriter Pays $4000 For A $10 Photo

The Agosto Graphics Gallery

Click the thumbnails to see a larger version.

  • Albert Einstein caricature
  • William Agosto caricature
  • Safari Cartoon
  • Senior citizens cartoon
  • Sauchuk caricature
  • Debra Jean Pencil Drawing
  • Bob Dylan painting
  • Engine-New-Ity Cartoon
  • D Bert caricature